How Do I Sell My House in El Paso Without An Agent?

If you are interested in selling your investment property or house without a realtor in El Paso, we may be able to help you do it.

Paying a 5% to 6% commission fee to a real estate agent based on the selling price of a house is a big chunk of money.

Mind you, some TX realtors and brokers can simplify the selling process for you and earn every penny of their commission. This isn’t always the case, though.

Best Way To Sell My House Without An Agent in El Paso?

You can bypass paying costly commissions when selling your house in TX.

Did you know that approximately 50% of a commission sellers pay compensates the property buyer’s broker, especially in El Paso?

This sounds nonsensical, doesn’t it?

Why are you paying for somebody else’s real estate agent?

This doesn’t even make any sense, and yet is a general practice.

However, this can actually work to your benefit.

Take paid commissions into account when reviewing comparable sales. Properties that are similar to your home must be considered when looking at selling prices, and commissions must be factored in.

Your property shouldn’t be under-priced. Be mindful that smart buyers might be expecting a discount. If you are performing the work instead of a realtor, you’ll save a little bit of money.

Occasionally in El Paso, agentless buyers will forget to negotiate a buyer’s commission from the price. If you would rather not pay them, simply bite your tongue. With that said, it is possible that this neglection will be brought up when the negotiation is taking place.

Think about offering a commission rate of 2.5% to an agent that directs their clients toward your property. While that is a big commission, if your property is priced to include it, then a more beneficial deal can be negotiated for buyers who come on their own.

Conversely, if an agent’s commission is not factored in, you will be excluding a majority of buyers within the city of El Paso.

More than 90% of real estate transactions go through MLS.

Long ago, a complete commission would need to be paid in order to get a home on MLS’ website. These days, there aren’t very many brokers in El Paso who charge a fee to have a property listed on the site. More often than not, you will pay $300 or so, and commissions are only paid when sales close.

In contrast to newspaper ad costs, MLS happens to be an inexpensive approach to promoting a home to a mass audience.

All major property-centric websites (like Zillow and get data and content from MLS. When your listing is submitted to MLS, the property information you enter will be seen on many other popular real estate websites shortly afterward.

All of those websites sell advertisements. They offer packages that allow you to enhance a listing, push it to the very top of search results, and other features that could entice a potential buyer into looking at your property.

Ads are hit and miss, though. Occasionally, El Paso open houses are a much more effective way of selling a property. They can also be an absolute waste of your time. This is also applicable to fancy signs, classified ad postings, and newspaper ads. They might work, or they might not.

To get your property sold effectively without a real estate agent, it needs to be marketed well.

Posting signs and flyers around the neighborhood may generate some interest. There are plenty of websites that allow you to post this type of information for free.

Realtors charge large commissions for a reason – they’ll need to spend some money to promote your property. When they advertise multiple properties at the same time, these realtors anticipate getting more calls. The more houses they sell, the more profit they’ll make.

Some properties might warrant an advertising budget of thousands before a potential buyer sees an ad and decides to take action.

To Bypass Commission Payments, Consider Selling Your Home to Level Cash Home Offers, LLC for Cash

The prices we pay for properties are fair, and our closing times are fast. In fact, the average time it takes to sell a home with us is about 3 to 5 business days.

From time to time, we will buy a house in El Paso, fix it up, then have it rented out. We also fix houses up before selling it to a buyer in search of a home in the neighborhood. We enjoy hearing from homeowners like you in El Paso who want to sell their properties.

We are a team of investors who are passionate about the city of El Paso.

It doesn’t take long for us to close, and cash is paid out to sellers in less than seven days. Get in touch with us now by filling out this form or by calling us at (915) 228-3314.


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