Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been doing this for a while now and have learned from experience that there are a few specific questions most homeowners have when they learn about our services. To help you quickly find answers to your most common questions, we’ve assembled this FAQ.

You probably have a few questions.

That is very normal and we are here to help. Have a question you can’t find on the FAQ? Send us a message or give us a call and we’ll gladly answer it!

Q:  Are you going to list my home on the MLS or are you the buyer?
A:  We are not agents and will not be listing your home. We are professional home buyers. If your house meets our purchasing criteria, we will make you an offer and buy it ourselves. Once we’ve purchased a home we typically repair it and either convert it to a rental, or resell it to a home owner.

Q:  Are Your Cash Offers Fairly Priced?
A:  We have to make our offers at a price below market value so we can make a profit when we resell it to another homeowner. We only ask for a fair discount on the property. In exchanged for this, we offer cash up front that we can deliver in 7 days in many cases. Experience has taught us that what our clients expect and need from us is not necessarily a huge windfall for their property, but rather a quick turn around and cash in hand. What’s more, we offer an extremely no-hassle approach as there are no needs for repairs, listing fees, commission feeds, and we even pay the closing feeds. For any home owner in the El Paso area that sees the value in making a quick for-cash sale on a house they own, we are one of the best options in town. Because we can evaluate a property and make an offer at no cost or obligation on your home within 24 hours in most cases, there is no reason to not find out what we’d offer on your house.

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Q: How is the amount you offer for a house determined?
A:  Our process is very straightforward and we are happy to be transparent on this. Basically, we consider four major factors: (1) location, (2) needed repairs, (3) overall condition, and (4) recent comparable sales. With home prices taking a large hit in the last half decade, many places have yet to recover. So this is the type of thing we have to take into consideration when we evaluate your house when trying to come up with a fair price. We consider these factors along with any other specific issues that may affect your home to ensure that the price we offer represents a win-win for both ourselves and you.

Q:  Do you charge any sort of commission or fees?
A: This is one of the greatest things about Level Cash Home Offers, we actually charge NO FEES OR COMMISSIONS! It’s really pretty simple with us, you fill out the short form, we will get back to you within 24 hours. If your home meets our criteria, we’ll make an offer there on the spot. No hassles, no fees! We make our money when we sell the home again after we’ve made repairs or updates. This means we are taking on 100% of the risk on whether or not the house can be sold for a profit or not. Once you accept our offer, it’s all our show and you simply walk away with the cash without any worries or further concerns about what happens to the house.

Q:  What Makes Level Cash Home Offers, LLC so different from a typical real estate agent?
A: A real estate agent will list your house on the MLS and hope to attract a buyer. This typically involves them showing the property to perspective buyers, which currently is averaging 6 – 12 months in much of Texas and the El Paso area. On top of that, when the house sells, they will charge you a commission, which usually runs around 3 – 6% of the price. Level Cash Home Offers, LLC is completely different than this. We are not agents and will not be listing your home on the MLS. We are the buyer of your home, and since we have our own money, we make offers in cash up front without the need to go to the bank. We take on all risk when buy a home for cash. We do all the repairs, marketing, etc. So working with us is a very quick process compared to working with a traditional agent. It is also free of the risk that listing on the MLS brings. Because we offer cash in as little as 7 days, take on the risk, and need to sell the property for a profit in order to stay in business, we offer below market values that we feel are a win-win for both you the seller and we as a for-profit business. Contact us to Why Sell My House For Cash?

Q: If I submit my information to you, am I obligated in any way?
A: To be clear, you are in NO WAY obligated to Level Cash Home Offers, LLC if you submit your information. All you are doing is giving us permission to assess your property to see if it meets our criteria for making an offer. If it does, we will make you an offer. If not, we’ll inform you within 24 hours and you’ve lost nothing. If we do make an offer, you are free to walk away right then and there. But if you decide to accept, we’re prepared to close immediately and will have you cash in hand in as little as 7 days. However, we won’t pester or harass you if you decide to not go with our offer. We want to run a reputable business, so our goal is to make a good impression in the hopes that perhaps next time we can earn your business.




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