How Are The Fees Different When Selling With a Realtor Vs For Cash To An Investor?

If you own a home in the El Paso area and have been considering selling it to get some extra cash in your pocket, there is a good chance you wondered about the differences between selling to an investor vs. using an agent. Well, to be honest, one of the major differences between selling your house to a traditional home buyer by using a real estate broker vs. selling directly to an investor like Level Cash Home Offers are the fees you can save on with an investor. Keep reading to learn more.

You may have heard already that selling your home means you have to first pay money. Well, this is true…to an extent. It’s only true when working with a real estate agent. When you sell to an investor, you can sell your home as-is without any need to pay any fees or commissions to any third- or middle party. We’ll explain what we mean.

The Fee Difference Between a Real Estate Investor & Agent #1: Agent Fees

The bottom line is that a real estate agent or broker is not going to buy your home the way an investor does. Instead, they are going to help you find a traditional home buyer for your El Paso home. Why would they do that? Because they charge you fees and commissions so that they make a profit from you selling your house.

If you don’t like that idea and would rather sell your house directly to the buyer, a real estate investor is a great way to avoid the agent fee and other sales commissions you’ll be charged to sell your home on the traditional El Paso market. Most agents charge about 6% in commission fees, which is $6,000 out of $100,000.

There may also be other fees depending on the brokerage your agent uses, as well as for the title company as well as concessions demanded by the buyer, etc. The list is quite lengthy. Any reputable agent will be happy to explain all these fees before agreeing to work with you to sell your home. You should ask them about the fees you can expect.

The Fee Difference Between a Real Estate Investor & Agent #2: Investor Fees

Most reputable investors like Level Cash Home Offers do not charge any investor fees on most homes. That being said, you should be upfront and ask if there are any fees for your home, if they are standard, and what they are for. Don’t assume all real estate investors in El Paso are reputable and handle business the same. Ensure you aren’t getting charged extra fees before you make a deal.

The Fee Difference Between a Real Estate Investor & Agent #3: The Fee No One Thinks of

There are some built-in “hidden fees” when selling with a real estate agent that you can avoid by selling to an investor. The first of these is any repair fees. If your house is damaged or even unlivable, you’ll not be able to sell it on the traditional market without first paying to address these issues.

Additionally, it often takes 3-6 months or even longer to close a deal with a realtor. This means you’ll also be paying all property, utility, and tax fees associated with the property for the entire time the house is on the market.

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